Top 10 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

1. Put some effort into your profile

If your avatar is still the image of an egg, then you’re doing it wrong. Upload an image of yourself, looking straight into the camera. And make sure that you have a snappy and interesting bio.

2. Tweet often

Who would want to follow someone who never tweets? Therefore, it’s important to tweet consistently and preferably at the right times of day. You’ll catch more viewers either side of the working day.

3. Compose funny, interesting or useful tweets

Don’t be boring. Tweet about a variety of subjects, your hobbies and interests, your opinions or news about your life. Post photos or funny memes, along with interesting links or buzzworthy stories.

4. Have some personality

Nothing is more boring that tweets that sounds like they’re from a robot or an automated RSS feed. It soon leads to your follows becoming unfollowers. So, even if you have a business-based Twitter account, try to inject a bit of personality into your tweets.

5. Invoke the hashtag

Hashtags are central to Twitter’s community. They help you to connect to people who have similar interests as your own and help others to find your account. Use hashtags in your own tweets, especially if they are trending, but don’t over-do it. No one will read a tweet made up entirely of hashtags.

6. Follow back

When you gain a follower, it’s always a good idea to follow them back. Twitter is a symbiotic environment and a follow-back is often expected. If you don’t then your new follower may almost immediately unfollow.

7. Put a Twitter link on your website or blog

It’s important to direct people to your Twitter account. Pop a button on your website or blog which takes people to your Twitter account or put “Follow me on Twitter” links in your email signature or on your other social media outlets.

8. Ask for retweets

Ask your followers to retweet you by adding “Please retweet” or “Please RT” to your original post. This helps your followers know that you’d like them to spread the word for you.

9. Follow people who autofollow

People with huge amounts of followers and a similar amount of people that they are following generally have an autofollow policy. If you follow them or some of their followers then you should be able to bump up the amount of followers that you have.

10. Hook a celebrity

Twitter is rife with authenticated celebrity accounts. If you can get a celebrity to retweet you or even follow you, then you will increase the visibility of your Twitter account. Sending an @ message to the celebrity will further increase your profile.

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