Top 10 iPhone Tips

It’s almost like the other half of you. You take it everywhere you go and it shares all your news and gossip with you. It wakes you up, keeps track of your diary, and has long since replaced your watch. Follow our top 10 iPhone tips to find out if you are getting the most out of your gadget.

1. Shake it out

Changed your mind about sending that text you just typed out? Shaking your phone lightly will bring up a new menu to delete it or cancel the delete action. Far quicker than pressing that delete button numerous times.

2. Clearer websites

Don’t bother with trying to read web pages on your tiny iPhone browser. Instead, open your reader application and read your web pages there. You get a larger, clearer, mobile optimized view of the page, and often it will (on most pages) hide the adverts too! And this also works on the iPad!

3. Shutter button

There’s nothing worse than trying to explain to a stranger how to use your iPhones’ camera to take a photo of you and your friends. The side volume + and – button doubles up as a camera shutter button. This also makes taking “selfies” that much easier too.

4. Sleep timer

How annoying it is if you fall asleep with your music playing and it continues playing throughout the night, giving you a virtually flat battery by the morning. Did you know the iPhone has a hidden “stop playing” timer? By going to the clock app, then tapping ‘Timer’ in the bottom right of the screen, you can choose how long you want your timer to last for. Once done, tap “when timer ends”, then scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap “stop playing”. Now that’s set up, your music will gradually fade to a stop once your timer hits the desired time.

5. Spirit level

It isn’t just a phone, it also doubles up as a spirit level, handy for when you are trying to hang up that picture straight. To access this handy little feature, swipe left within the compass app to bring up the spirit level.

6. Custom Vibrations

Within the contacts app, there is a handy little feature for setting different vibrations for different media. This gives you the ability to work out if it’s a text you WANT to read or an email from your Boss that you’d rather avoid, all without taking the phone out of your pocket!

7. Head-turn control

Perfect for users with limited motor function is the iPhones Switch Control. Just set it up, then it will recognise head turns for different functions such as; choosing different options and switching to the previous or next option, volume control and notifications, to name but a few. Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Switch control – Switches – then choose your head movement direction and a corresponding action.

8. LED Alerts

You can now set up your iPhone to give you visual alerts to incoming media and alarms, which is ideal for people with hearing problems. To set this useful feature up, Go to Settings – General – Accessibility, and scroll down to “LED Flash for Alerts” and flip the toggle to the “on” position.

9. Calls in do-not-disturb mode

There is great little setting that allows you to be able to take calls from certain people whilst in “do not disturb” mode. To activate this, use the “Allow Calls From” setting to identify which callers will not be barred when the “do not disturb” mode is active.

10. Want to totally block someone?

You can now completely block a caller from calling you, texting and Face-time too. Go to your contacts, select the one you wish to block and activate “block this caller”. No more annoying messages!

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