Top 10 Tips for Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is considered to be one of the most difficult things to do. If you are one of the many thousands of people each year who try to give up smoking but simply find willpower alone is too difficult, understand that you are not alone.  With our list of top 10 tips to quitting smoking, we hope to be able to help you a little along your way.  Believe that you CAN do it, and you will.

1. Remove traces

Your first and most important task is to remove any traces of smoking paraphernalia from your home and yourself. Nicotine is removed from your body within just 3 days, so don’t save a couple of cigarettes for ’emergencies’ as this will only push your willpower to the maximum before you have even started. Remove and wash all ashtrays too so the smell isn’t hanging around as a further temptation. Remember – you will only be making the quitting process harder in the long run.

2. Smoking alternatives

Consider purchasing one of the many various smoking alternatives that are widely available. Remember that although some of them do, not all of them contain nicotine. And those that do contain nicotine do not have any of the harmful damaging chemicals in them that are contained in cigarettes. Bear in mind that in 1 cigarette there are over 600 ingredients which when burned create over 4000 different chemicals, many of them poisonous!  Smoking alternatives such as e-cigarettes is considered to be a very modern, healthier alternative to smoking and can really help you ease your cravings for the nicotine. Check out the range of e-cigarettes at Best4ECigs

3. Save the money

A great idea whilst you are trying to kick the habit is to save every penny you would have spent on cigarettes or tobacco. Have a glass jar nearby where you can put in the exact amount you would spend on cigarettes each day. This will very quickly mount up – and you will be motivated by being able to clearly see at any moment the amount of cash you have saved by not smoking.

4. Other smokersWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Whilst you may be keen to stop smoking, others around you may not be ready for their journey just yet. Don’t be put off by this though. Politely requesting that smoking household members do so outside to help you in your quitting process will help you to avoid that cigarette smell as much as possible, especially in the early days which are always the hardest.  Try not to put yourself in situations where other smokers may be; such as parties, family gatherings etc.

5. Chewing gum

Chewing gum should be a staple part of a non-smokers diet. Always have a pack with you whenever possible. The reason for this is many smokers find one of the harder aspects of quitting smoking is giving your hands something to do. They miss that physical action of actually putting a cigarette in their mouth.  Chewing a piece of gum is a great alternative to reaching for a cigarette and is proven to help suppress those smoker urges. And there is of course the option of nicotine replacement chewing gum designed specifically for recently quit smokers.  You could even opt for a sugar free treat to nibble on whenever the urge hits such as an ice lolly or a liquorice stick.

6. Cash plans

Make plans for your extra cash! You will soon see your cash jar of money that you have saved from not smoking mounting up.  But what will you spend it on?  Make a list of the things that you intend to buy with your newly created spending money. You could decide to save for a holiday, or a new outfit or two, or even be dedicated enough to save for a car! Make sure if you decide to spend it on sensible things that you do at least treat yourself to some small degree – as a way of congratulating yourself on your non smoking status. You’ve earned it!

7.  Remind yourself why

Keep reminding yourself of your reason for quitting smoking.  Everyone has their own very personal reason for wanting to kick their habit.  It could be a health reason, a financial reason or something completely different.  Either way, your journey is at times going to seem difficult.  Try to keep reminding yourself whenever necessary of your reasons for wanting to give up.  This is a sure way to keep up that motivation you need when you are feeling particularly vulnerable and tempted to have a cigarette.

8. Anti-smoking therapy

Did you know that your GP can provide medicated anti-smoking therapy?  This could be the perfect tool for you in your non-smoking journey.  Medication in the form of tablets or oral sprays can help you to curb those nicotine cravings that can often throw people off track.  These methods have proven to be quite successful in helping people to achieve their goal.

9. Stress

Many smokers fail to quit smoking as they feel that the effects of the cigarettes help to calm their stress.  If this is you, you will need to find another way to channel your nicotine cravings when you are feeling moments of stress.  Taking up exercise is an ideal of way of releasing stress and finding a calmer, inner you – without having to resort to nicotine.  You may decide to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill.  Anything that you do which takes your focus away from smoking will help you to achieve your goal and not fall at the first hurdle.

10. Don’t give up

Don’t give up giving up!  Once you have made up your mind that not smoking is the way forward for you, never give up trying to give up.  Many people fail the first time and resort to smoking again for one reason or another.  If you fail the first time, don’t be too hard on yourself.  Tomorrow is always another day!  Never give up trying to achieve your goal.  Remember the true motto of ‘you only truly fail at something if you never attempt it in the first place’.  Just make every effort to avoid the same trigger again and keep trying to quit smoking, and one day you are certain to succeed!

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