Top 10 Travel Safety Tips

Everyone wants a safe, happy holiday.  Ensuring your holiday insurance is up to date and relevant is only the first step towards keeping ourselves and our belongings safe whilst away on our excursions. By following our top 10 travel safety tips, we will give you a few other essential security points to remember to make your holiday runs safely and smoothly.

1. Beware of traffic

By far the largest risk to you when travelling abroad is being involved in a traffic accident. Remember, we have good safe traffic laws in the UK but other countries cannot boast the same. Be very aware of your surroundings when crossing roads in other countries whose traffic laws do not favour the pedestrian.

2. Take care around water

Next on the list is water, whether it is in the hotel pool or in the sea.  Water and alcohol do not mix and we are more likely to put this to the test when we travel than when we are sitting in front of the TV at home. Don’t be tempted to take unnecessary risks in water if you have spent the day drinking alcohol in the sun. As much as it can look tempting, going for a cooling swim can be very dangerous indeed.

3. Familiarize yourself with your destinationWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Check the Foreign Office travel advice (, buy a good guidebook, do some research online and make sure you are informed about where you are going and what the risks are.  For example, most foreign cities have safe and unsafe parts of town and you don’t want to wander into the latter by mistake.

4. Don’t attract unwanted attention

Leave your valuables at home and don’t overly attract attention to yourself whilst out and about.  If you travel with a fancy watch, drape an expensive camera around your neck and sport the family jewels, you will become more of a target. Tourists’ are often targeted for their cameras and valuables etc in certain countries. If you are trekking ‘off the beaten track’ try not to look too much like a tourist to help to keep yourself safe.

5. Look after your possessionsWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

When out and about, ensure your bag or backpack is always securely attached to you.  It can be easily lifted off the back of a chair or snatched from the floor if it is resting under a café chair or table. A good tip is to use the chair or table leg to thread through the handle of your carrier to anchor it in place. And of course, consider carefully the type of bag you carry around with you. Is it really necessary to have a bag? And if so, something that attaches to you, such as a bum-bag, is ideal for transporting around your cash and can be discretely hidden underneath your clothing.

6. Appear confident and purposeful

If you look unsure of yourself when out and about, you are more likely to become a victim of a mugging or scam. Don’t allow yourself to be too distracted by your surroundings whilst taking photographs at your holiday destination. This will help you not to stand out so much as a tourist, therefore making you an ideal target.

7. Don’t count your money in public

And beware after you have replenished your cash at an ATM.  It isn’t by accident that most travelers are robbed on the day they withdraw cash. Traveler’s cheques are a great way to keep your cash safe and are easily replaceable should the worst happen. Only carry as much cash on you as you actually need that day, and try not to keep it in the most likely place that you will be robbed; wallet, purse, handbag etc. Hiding money in your shoes or underwear is a great idea to keep your cash safe.

8. Pack your common sense

On holiday we tend to get into the holiday mood and do things abroad that we wouldn’t do at home.  For instance, if you wouldn’t walk down an unlit street at night in the UK, so don’t presume you’ll be safe doing so when you are away. Using a little common sense and not taking too high risks whilst travelling is a sure way to help to keep you safe.

9. Drink at the hotel bar

If you want to drink one too many then do so in a safe location.  The hotel bar or surrounding area is a good option because you don’t have a long walk back to your accommodation thus possibly putting yourself at further risk. Getting a taxi back to your hotel or apartment is a far better choice than walking back when you have had a glass or two too many.

10. Picture perfect

This simple tip could get your luggage quickly returned to you should it be lost. Before you leave for your trip, have a photograph taken of yourself standing next to your luggage. Not only will it give you an instant view of exactly which bags you should be taking home with you, but also gives you solid proof if one of your bags get lost, that it is indeed yours. Or, you may not be able to say you have lost a particular type of bag in your visiting countries language.. but everyone can point to a photograph. Photographing all your expensive items (camera’s, camcorder’s etc) is another great way of helping you to get back lost belongings, as concrete proof that they belong to you.

Simple steps like these, with a little common sense, is all you really need to ensure holiday worries are banished and you can go off and just have a fabulous time!

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